English poems

Mark Strand – Your dying

Autore: Mark Strand -

Nothing could stop you.
Not the best day. Not the quiet. Not the ocean rocking.
You went on with your dying.
Not the trees
Under which you walked, not the trees that shaded you.
Not the doctor
Who warned you, the white-haired young doctor who saved you once.
You went ...

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Raymond Carver – The poem I didn’t write

Autore: Raymond Carver -

Here is the poem I was going to write
earlier, but didn’t
because I heard you stirring.
I was thinking again
about that first morning in Zurich.
How we woke up before sunrise.
Disoriented for a minute. But going
out onto the balcony that looked down
over the river, and ...

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Mahmoud Darwish – Victim

Autore: Mahmoud Darwish -

The olive grove was once green;
It was! And the sky was
A blue forest; it was!
What has changed it tonight?
And tonight
I’ll come through the window
And bring you jasmine.
Don’t blame me if I’m late;
They always stop me on the way.

They quietly stopped our ...

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Emily Dickinson – Make me a picture of the sun


Make me a picture of the sun -
So I can hang it in my room.
And make believe I’m getting warm
When others call it “Day”!
Draw me a Robin – on a stem -
So I am hearing him, I’ll dream,
And when the Orchards stop their tune ...

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Edgar Lee Masters – Wendell P. Bloyd (English)

Autore: Edgar Lee Masters -

They first charged me with disorderly conduct,
There being no statute on blasphemy.
Later they locked me up as insane
Where I was beaten to death by a Catholic guard.
My offense was this:
I said God lied to Adam, and destined him
To lead the life of a fool, ...

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William Blake – A World, a Heaven, The Eternity

Autore: William Blake -


To see a world in a grain of sand
And a Heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.


HERE the Italian version

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